Login/User name when using Login with Azure DevOps

I created my SonarCloud account by using the Login with Azure DevOps.
Now my user/login name is bernd-hirschmann64483. This looks not so nice, but I don’t see a way to change it. Or do I miss something?
For GitHub and Bitbucket accounts the user names are generated as username@github or username@bitbucket. That’s much nicer.
Why can I not set my username when I create a new account?

Hi @berhir,

Indeed, it’s not possible to update the login that is generated.

Now I have a question : as long as your using user token in analyser script or web service calls, you should never have to use your login.
Or maybe I miss a use case ?

Julien Lancelot

Hi @julienlancelot,
Thank you for your reply!

When I want to add users of our company to our SonarCloud organization, I have to search them by user name. It would be nice to have the company name in the user name to make it easier to find people.
But you are right, there are not many situations where I have to deal with the user name.


In order to do that, the users from your company can append by themself the company name to their own name in Azure DevOps, this change will be taken into account during their next authentication to SonarCloud.

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