Limit access to homepage - Only authenticated users


We would like to limit access to the SonarQube home page only for our authenticated users.
Currently, every user whitout authentication can access the homepage and see all the projects and their source codes.
In the Security/Global Permissions section, I unchecked the Anyone line.

Thanks for your help.

Hi @grome18 , this is likely because you’re using the default “Public” setting for your projects. You can change this in Administration - Projects - Management, where you can change the default visibility for new projects to “Private”. Then update that setting for each project you’ve created so far, and nothing will be visible on the homepage for unauthenticated users.

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@grome18 can you check your Force user authentication settings in Configuration → General Settings → Security ->Force user authentication .
Likely this settings is disabled if yes jest enable it.

Also if you need more control change your projects to Private as @cba mentioned.

the mentioned solution i provide is for SonarQube Enterprise edition i am not sure about other versions

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