Ldap member not added to group automatically

we have lot of configuration for countries.
For example
ldap.vn.bindDn= ***
ldap.vn.bindPassword= ***
ldap.vn.user.baseDn= ***
ldap.vn.group.baseDn= ***

we create a sonarqube group with same name as it in the active directory.

We can add the user to the domain group , but when the user login to sonar.
We check that domain group. The user will not in the group.


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Can you check $SONARQUBE-HOME/logs/web.log and verify what LDAP is returning for the user? Also, does the casing of the group names match from LDAP to SonarQube?


P.S. You’ll need to bump logging up to DEBUG to see the groups that are returned. And you’ll only want to do that briefly since DEBUG logging can be verbose!

Hi Ann,
Thanks for the reply, the issue was resolved.
we defined lots of ldap.vn.group.baseDn for every country. After I update the group.baseDn to keep only one baseDn. Everytime the user login to sonarqube. The user will auto join the group now.

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