LDAP Integration Documentation


(Mark Symons) #1

The LDAP Integration documentation has a couple of problems:

It mentions “technical users” but does not explain what they are (the link is to the same page).

I found this four year old page: Include - Technical Users.

Is it still valid?

One additional item. Starting up SQ (Tested with v5.6.7 and with v7.2) the following can be seen after upgrading from older (LDAP working) SQ installs that have not had LDAP config tweaked:

2018.07.10 17:35:11 WARN  web[o.s.p.l.LdapGroupMapping] Properties 'ldap.user.objectClass' and 'ldap.user.loginAttribute' are deprecated and should be replaced by single property 'ldap.user.request' with value: (&(objectClass=user)(sAMAccountName={login}))

This log event is helpful… but I think it would be useful for the LDAP documentation to include a “deprecated” section that documents such items.

(G Ann Campbell) #2


Thanks for pointing this out. Technical users are documented here: https://docs.sonarqube.org/display/SONAR/Authentication#Authentication-TechnicalUsers

A cross-link would obviously be helpful, and that does exist in the new documentation we’re preparing for the release of 7.4.

Regarding deprecated properties, I hope you can understand why I’m reluctant to add them to the documentation. We have a hard enough time already with people using deprecated analysis properties (and complaining when they have problems with them).


(Mark Symons) #3

I would hope that people would not have problems with using deprecated properties if the documentation lists such properties in a clearly marked section.

My suggestion was intended at helping others who (like me) might already be using such deprecated properties on an older server and who, in an ideal world, should be able to read documentation and implement corrections to configuration in sonar.properties before starting up the server after upgrade.

I am having problems with actually getting my (jenkins) technical user to work but I think this is related not to LDAP but to data migration. I am attempting to get my existing SQ 5.6.7 (on CentOS 5… cannot be upgraded) up and running (with data) on CentOS 7.5, such that I can then perform an upgrade to SQ. I can find no documentation for such migration… but will post something separate for this in “Get Help”.