LDAP id has insufficient priviliges when accessing webhook

Hi there,
We are using Sonarqube 7.7 CE with LDAP for our users / groups. When using the webhook function Adminstration -> Configuration -> Webhooks -> Last delivery or Show recent deliveries we get insufficient priviliges (error 403 in access log) when we use an LDAP id. Our LDAP id has the same Global Permissions as the non LDAP admin (Administrator), but admin can see Last delivery or Show recent deliveries. Is there something special about the admin’s group sonar-administrators which we cannot recreate using an LDAP group and Global Permissions?

Note: our LDAP id has all permissions available within the security parameters.

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Hi @ant_sonar_blue and welcome to this community !

In order to be sure to understand what happen, can you confirm that :

  • The user can access without any issue to the Administration page ?
  • The user see the group having administrator permission in “My Account” in the list of Groups ?


Hi Julien

Replying on behalf of my colleague @ant_sonar_blue as he is away today.

  • Yes, the user can access the Administration page
  • Yes, the user can see our admin group in “My Account”

I have attached some screenshots of my account to demonstrate. I have had to redact the client name etc, but the name is the same under the blur!

Second pic ( due to posting restrictions.)

Ok, then could you please check that the group has administration permission on the project you’re trying to access ?

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We had no permissions under each project for the admin group. That looks like it’s done the trick, at least on my account.

I’ll check with the client and confirm. Thanks very much for the pointers Julien.