Last analysis failed AY0hZxXg4MNmtDysJ4J-

Open source project from GitHub - memgraph/memgraph: Open-source graph database, built for real-time streaming data, compatible with Neo4j.
We build with Github Actions but I’m fairly sure we’re doing Automatic analysis.
Code is in C++ mostly.

Error is:
The last analysis has failed. If it keeps on failing after several attempts, please contact us on Community forum and provide the following failing analysis ID: AY0hZxXg4MNmtDysJ4J-

Other examples:

Hello and welcome to the Community!

As I can see in the logs, the scan fails with an error :

ERROR: File tests/unit/query_common.hpp can't be indexed twice. Please check that inclusion/exclusion patterns produce disjoint sets for main and test files

Please, check inclusion/exclusion settings for your project.
You may find more information on the Documentation page