KSTART_ROUTINE - Detected as conflicting types with function name


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(Loïc Joly) #5

Hello @Liryna

Digging into the sample code, it does not look like valid C code: The function DokanLoop for instance is once declared as taking an argument of type void*, and once taking an argument of type PDOKAN_INSTANCE, which is a pointer to a structure.

You can check for instance on godbolt that a reduced sample matching the source code you try to analyze does not compile: https://godbolt.org/z/mVXMil

It probably happens that the compiler you use, with the options you use, allows this code to pass. But since it’s not valid code, we don’t support it.

We won’t just stop the analysis on this invalid code. We will continue to analyze the rest of the files, and so you may get some valuable data out of it, but my suggestion to move forward with this, since you seem to own this source code, would be to correct it and try to analyze again.

(Liryna) #6

Hello @JolyLoic,

I changed the code as you proposed and SonarQube no longer print an error.

Thank you again for the time and sorry for the false report !
I thought that was an unwanted behavior since the error appear only after an update of SonarQube.