Key building issue

Hi there,

I get an HTTP502 error when I try to push a project with a key containing : signs (in the middle, like a DNS name but with : instead of .).
When I change the key and replace : by . the analysis on the very same code, token, agent, it works fine.
Pre-create the project with the : key version does not change the problem.

I am running analysis on Azure DevOps



Hi Olivier,

Could you please share debug logs and stacktrace of the error, so that we can see the moment where this 502 occurs?
Also, what kind of project are you analyzing? MSBuild? Maven? Gradle? Other?

Hello Julien,

It seems the issue is now resolved. Will have a few more tries to confirm.

Here are the last lines of the log in attachement : sonarcloud.txt (1.5 KB)

By the way, this was occuring at the very end of the Run analysis task when trying to push the local analysis result to SonarCloud

The project is BlogEngine.Net ( so using I am using MSBuild mode.