Javascript Indexeddb, web sql and webstorage f


(samir) #1

there is a built in rules or quality profile for Indexeddb, web sql and webstorage for javascript ?

(Adam Gabryś) #2

(Tibor Blenessy) #3

Hello @samir ,

there is static code analyzer for JavaScript, available in SonarQube, SonarLint and SonarCloud. We don’t have specific rules about indexdb, websql nor webstorage. Do you have some specific ideas for the rules for these technologies? If so, we can consider including them.

Sonar for indexddb , websql, webstorage
(samir) #4

thank you , i have no ideas for the moment.

(Tibor Blenessy) #5

you are welcome! Feel free to come back, if you have some more questions