It works or not?

I run the following command:

$ dotnet tool install --global dotnet-sonarscanner --version 5.10.0

Welcome to .NET 7.0!
SDK Version: 7.0.102

The .NET tools collect usage data in order to help us improve your experience. It is collected by Microsoft and shared with the 
community. You can opt-out of telemetry by setting the DOTNET_CLI_TELEMETRY_OPTOUT environment variable to '1' or 'true' using your favorite shell.

Read more about .NET CLI Tools telemetry:

Installed an ASP.NET Core HTTPS development certificate.
To trust the certificate run 'dotnet dev-certs https --trust' (Windows and macOS only).
Learn about HTTPS:
Write your first app:
Find out what's new:
Explore documentation:
Report issues and find source on GitHub:
Use 'dotnet --help' to see available commands or visit:
You can invoke the tool using the following command: dotnet-sonarscanner 
Tool 'dotnet-sonarscanner' (version '5.10.0') was successfully installed.

How can I be sure it works or not?

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The log you copy/pasted includes instructions for invoking the tool…