Issues view only shows issues on default branch, filter for long lived branches not available

We are using 8.9 LTS Developer edition.
When using the Issues tab, the number of issues is only shown from the default branch ‘master’ in our case. But there is no way to see the number of issues on long lived branches within the same project.
The info is also not available on the project page without selecting the actual branch.

Expected Features:

  1. When searching for Issues the number of issues on long lived branches or even pull requests should somehow be visible
  2. A filter for branches should be available

Hello Patrik,

Your feedback seems to relate to the global Issues page. This page effectively displays the issues for all the main project branches of the instance.
To see the issues on a specific branch or PR of a project, you currently have to go to the page of the project.

Can you please tell me about your use-case and why you’d like to use this page for a specific project and branch?

Hi Christophe,

Yes you are right, it is possible to see the issues on each of the branches and pull requests but i explicitly have to select a specific long lived branch to see if there are issues present or not.
I am missing a overview page which would show the current number of issues on any of the long lived branches.

In our sonar project we have:
master branch
~10 long-lived feature branches
~100 pull requests

If i now want to see if any of the long lived branches have new issues i currently have to check each of the 10 branches individually. The missing feature would be to have some way to see:

  • on project xy
    – master branch has 10 issues
    – branch xy.x has 2 issues
    – branch xy.x2 has 4 issues
    (all other branches have no issues)

The screenshot i provided in the feature request just shows the global issues page since i thought it would be the simplest option to add branch information there, but of course it would also be nice to have the info on the sonar project specific page.

Best regards, Patrik

Thanks for sharing Patrik