Issues from external Roslyn can't ignore and do any action

I want to ignore issues from external Roslyn analyzers, but it does’t work.

Here’s the way I want to ignore

but it still show these issuses

And I can’t do any action to close these issues.

  • Community Edition
  • Version 8.2 (build 32929)

Hi @RojerChen - welcome to the community!

The setting affects how future analyses are performed. It doesn’t hide issues that have already been imported.

Run another analysis, and the existing roslyn issues will disappear and no new ones will be imported.

I see. Is there any way to close those existing roslyn issues?

I want to close those issues, but I can’t do any action.

I can’t assign to someone , I can’t resolve as won’t fix.

Those issues will existing forever.

See above:

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