Issueresolver transfer between SonarQube instances

Hello !

We are in the process of migrating an old 6.9 community SonarQube instance to a 8.9 LTS developer edition.

On the old one, we have several projects sharing some common codebase, one of the projects being used as “template” in terms of “False positive / Won’t fix” issues. We are using the web API api/issueresolver/update using the fromProject parameter to import those parameters into the newer projects.

Now that we want to migrate those projects to a more recent instance, I’d like to import the issueresolver parameters into it. The thing is I can’t find the api/issueresolver/update entry point anymore.

Is there a way of importing issueresolver data into a 8.9 instance ?

Thanks in advance !

Hi @Mikaciu,

Is this the plugin that you’re using in your 6.7 instance? If so, it looks like it hasn’t been maintained for some time so there may not be a version that’s compatible with SonarQube 8.9 – you would need to check with the maintainer.



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Hello @Cameron !

My bad, it’s exactly this and I didn’t see this API was introduced by a plugin :frowning:

I’ll check whether if it’s possible to use this in SQ 8.9 :wink:

Thanks a lot !

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