Issue can't be found during PR analysis

We are using “sonarqube 8.9 datacenter”
Our custome plugin would create a issue for ‘requirements.txt’ which is unknown language file
We could see the issue in the sonarqube server if we run branch analysis;
But we couldn’t see it if we run PR analysis.
(the file: ‘requirements.txt’ is pushed to sonarqube server; but the issue isn’t)
We know the PR analysis only shows incremental issue, we can confirm the file doesn’t exist in base branch.

Does it sound a sonarqube bug for PR analysis? because we verify 7.9 edition is OK

[2021-08-23T09:53:52.926Z] 09:53:52.850 INFO: Using report: /home/jenkins/agent/workspace/update-service_PR-78/snyk-results.json
[2021-08-23T09:53:53.237Z] 09:53:52.891 DEBUG: 'requirements.txt' generated metadata with charset 'UTF-8'
// the issue would be shown at top of file because we doesn't input line number.
        NewIssue newIssue = context.newIssue().forRule(activeRule.ruleKey());
        NewIssueLocation location = newIssue.newLocation();
        location.message(String.format("%s@%s %s | ID: %s", name, version, title, id));
        String vulnerabilityFileName = context.project().toString();
        if (inputFile == null) {
        } else {


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You say requirements.txt is an unknown language file. Does that mean your plugin is using the Generic Issues format to load its issues?


If you said Generic Issue format is Generic Issue Import Format | SonarQube Docs,
No, we registed new rule in custom plugin, I has pasted code above.
And we just did another testing: we tried bind issue to .py file which is python language, the issue isn’t seen either during PR analysis.
So unknown language file isn’t root cause.


I’ve just taken a closer look at your code, and I suspect this is the problem:

Only issues on new lines are reported in PRs. I know you’ve said the whole file is new, but I wonder if this isn’t being hung up on a technicality. Can you try setting the line number to 1 & see if that works? If it does, then we’ve narrowed down what needs attention on the SQ side.


P.S. As a DCE customer, you have access to our professional Services team. They actually have SLAs & a responsibility to help you. No one in the community does. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I am not interface between our IT and your Services Team. so I feel feedback would be quick if I post issue here.
I deduced the working logic of current PR analysis: when the line number of issue is equal to the line number of new code, the issue can be shown; but for Branch analysis: if the file is changed, the issue can be shown in “New Code”, elsewise the issue would be shown in “Overall Code”.
We think this is bug of PR analysis: “project level”, “file level” issue can’t shown in PR analysis, so that the qualitygate becomes invalid.
I would ask our IT create ticket to your Service Team.