Is there SCM plugin for VSTS(VisualStudioOnline)

(George Nelson) #1

I see a plugin available for TFS but not for VSTS

(Colin Mueller) #2


As far as SCM providers go that are relevant to VSTS, Git is supported out of the box for SonarQube and SonarCloud, while a community supported (but currently without a maintainer or support for SonarQube 7.3+) TFVC Plugin also exists, which I’m guessing is what you’re referring to when you say “seeing a plugin available for TFS”.

Both TFS and VSTS support Git and TFVC as source control providers, and I personally encourage the use of Git in part because of the support you get from modern ALM tools (like SonarQube!). Using Git with TFS/VSTS is a truly satisfying experience.

You might also be interested in documentation for Analyzing with SonarQube Extension for VSTS/TFS


(Nicolas Bontoux) #3

And beyond being a good recommendation from @ColinHMueller , this is actually the top recommendation from Microsoft itself ! Article Choosing the right version control for your project :

Git is the default version control provider for new projects. You should use Git for version control in your projects unless you have a specific need for centralized version control features in TFVC.