Is there an official container image for sonarqube developer edition

Must-share information (formatted with Markdown):

  • sonarqube 9.2
  • Deploying sonarqube in Kubernetes
  • Purchsed Developer Licenses
  • Need to have support for C++

Hey there.

I think you’re looking for this documentation.

We used this link and helm chart for AKS deplyment shows:

edition: “community”

repository: sonarqube
tag: 9.2.4-{{ .Values.edition }}
We have a licensed edition SW and need to use correct image and community edition does not support c++.

What is the difefrence in below images, Does both work with Developer SW license:
sonarqube lts-enterprise 23a4974db47f 2 days ago 580MB
sonarqube lts-developer 56097d28213b 2 days ago 557MB

Hey there.

You can set the edition in your values.yml file as documented here. For developer edition, the correct value would be developer.

Your Developer Edition license is exclusively supported with the Developer Edition (which supports C/C++ analysis).