Is there a way to move the scan results from sonarqube to sonarcloud instance ? We are migrating from one to the other and don't want to loose the scan results

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We are migrating from sonarqube to sonarcloud and we want to take the scans information from local instance to cloud subscription. Is this possible ?


Hey there.

There’s no mechanism to import results from SonarQube into SonarCloud. The best that you can do to maintain some history of your project is to analyze various commits of your projects (say, major releases or once a month/quarter) and add the sonar.projectDate analysis parameter set too othe commit date and analyze those commits in chronological order.

At the very least, it preserves a vague understanding of the history of your project, without specifics (issue assignments, issues marked FP/WF, etc.)

Just to clarify your need, what’s important for you to keep when moving from SonarQube to SonarCloud? The metrics/indicators for the main milestones of your project? More than this?