Is there a way to filter issues imported from an other source branch?

Some context:
Use of SonarCloud, to get Quality gate and analysis

Our code is compiled in different ways :
With MSBuild for our applicative part
With Clang for our embedded part

There are multiple configurations and defines depending if we are in embedded or not.

So, we are running analysis in each cases and we have decided to use multiple long live branch to have 1 project with multiple analysis depending on our configurations.

Our main branch is the branch using MSBuild and other ones are using Clang to build.

Since all issues from main branch are duplicated into our long live branch, we see the same bug on each of our branches.
We would like to find a way to filter bugs that appear only on the long live branch(the embedded part).
Could you help us with that?

For now, we are using the changelog to know if the issue is from this branch and not from the main branch. Is there any other ways?

Thanks you for you support,

It’s not possible to SonarCloud to see only the issues that were raised in a long-lived branch independently of the branch it copied from your main branch.

In general, you would need to analyze short-lived branches to see only the new issues.

Thank you for your quick answer !

Problem is that on short-lived branches, the analysis is done only on new code => We can’t see issues that are already in our code and specific to the embedded part …

We will use short lived branches for PR purpose.

There is no option that allow us to disable the duplication part?