Is there a way to display the rule set of external analysers (Sonarqube- version 7.4)?

Previously sonarqube supported checkstyle, findbugs, pmd plugins so the list of rules in them were getting displayed along with the default java rules.But in Sonarqube version 7.4 those plugins are made incompatible so I imported the reports using the external analysers option.
So if i need those list of rules of those external analysers to get displayed under the rules tab Is there any option?

To be clear, they were not made incompatible, but plugin maintainers have to update their plugins. You are welcome to use the LTS version of SonarQube where long-term compatibility is more likely.

It is not possible to have the rules from external analysers displayed – beyond requiring additional metadata around the rule, what would happen if different version of the analysers were used with different rules (rules added, removed, etc.)?


Thank you Colin. But please let me know if there is a possible work around.