Is there a way in the PR Decorator Feature to restrict the Scans for PR in SonarQube dashboard

Hi Team,

We are using SonarQube 9.9 LTS, Jenkins Cloud Multibranch Pipeline 2.375 and Bitbucket Server v7.17.10.

We have the below queries regarding the Pull Request Decorator Feature.

1.Is there a way to run the Multibranch Pipeline for only PR’s.

2.How to run Multibranch Pipeline for PR’s from a specific source or specific target branches.

Murali Sulam

Hey there.

Both these questions probably have little to do with Pull Request Decoration – and more to do with how to configure pipelines on the Jenkins side (which would be relevant even if you weren’t using SonarCloud). It may be more helpful to ask a community that specializes in Jenkins.