Is the self-hosted Developer Edition Free

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Yes, self-hosted k8s/Helm deployment of SonarQube is free to use. However, only Community Edition is free to use in the sense that you can scan projects and view their results. The non-Community editions (Developer Edition, Enterprise Edition, Data Center Edition) of SonarQube cost money (see Download | SonarQube for the differences between editions). The deployment method is independent of the cost of SonarQube.

You should use our official Helm chart, not Bitnami: sonarqube 4.0.2+325 · sonarsource/sonarqube. GitHub source of our SonarQube helm charts here: helm-chart-sonarqube/charts at master · SonarSource/helm-chart-sonarqube · GitHub

Notice in the readme that you can change the edition. Look for image.tag in the Helm chart.

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Hey Joe thanks for the welcome and the fast reply!
How does relate to that? It’s SonarQube as a Service right?

Hi @rowi1de ! You’re welcome, we aim to please.

SonarQube is an on-prem/prviate version of SonarCloud.

So yes, SonarCloud is SaaS version of SonarQube.

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