Is java:S103 supposed to appear in SonarLint?

RH CodeReady 12.21.3
SQ 8.6 Community (project properly bound)

Is a violation of rule java:S103 (line too long) supposed to appear in SL? If so, does SL mark the whole line, or everything past the limit, or what?

It would mark the entire line.

It should be noted that this rule is not activated by default (it’s not in the built-in Sonar Way)

Sorry, my fault for leaving out one detail: I turned it on in an experimental QP, and it shows up on the web portal as expected for a project scanned on that QP. But when I open CodeReady on that project and bind SL to the right project key, the issue doesn’t appear in SL. (Other rules that are only enabled in this particular QP DO show up in SL.)