Is it possible to use sonarqube for sending only E2E cucumber test results?

We are using SonarQube Developer Edition Version 8.4.2

We have the E2E cucumber test cases in separate repo. We do not need to do any analysis or code coverage for E2E scenarios with sonarQube but Is it possible to push only the test results, to see the passed and failed test cases count with failed test details ?

We did a research on this but mostly SonarQube is used only for code analysis, we can’t do code coverage if test and application code are in different repo and failed test details is not supported or deprecated for some version.

Hey there.

If your E2E cucumber test results are up-to-date and available when you scan your sources, you can pass them to the relevant Test Coverage & Execution parameter (don’t forget about Generic Test Data if your report format isn’t natively supported)

It does imply you can’t execute SonarQube analysis until your E2E tests are complete and sending them over to your regular build/analysis each time. Any out-of-date results being passed to the scanner could cause it to fail if line numbers don’t match up.

Thanks Colin,

E2E Tests don’t test the code, but rather focus on testing business features. Source code and Test code is not in the same repo. Can I send only the test results without scanning ?. Is it possible to see the passed and failed test case count with stack trace for the failed case on the SonarCube UI page ?

Thanks for the clarification. SonarQube is not really designed to collect metrics on these kinds of tests — and thinking about it a little more, I think trying to import test execution reports when the test files don’t actually exist in the project would actually cause a failure.

Sorry :confused: