Is it possible to connect to oracle using Kerberos


I have tested Sonar (6.7.6) out with an embedded database and now want to connect to an oracle database via Kerberos authentication. Is this possible?

I have already copied my oracle driver to $SONARQUBE-HOME/extensions/jdbc-driver/oracle but now I am unsure how to specify additional krb5 specific properties.



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First, I hope ‘6.7.6’ is a typo & you actually meant 7.9.5. SonarQube 6.7* is past EOL and certainly any new adoption should be done with either the current LTS (7.9.5) or the latest version, 8.7.

Regarding the DB connection, as far as I know, JDBC URL and login/password are the only configurations available.




I managed to successfully connect via Kerberos using sonar.web.javaAdditionalOps and sonar.ce.javaAdditionalOps.

The options specified: KERBEROS5) to cache file to conf file

(no need to uncomment jdbc Login/password)


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