IntelliJ IDEA shows errors in red

I’m using SonarLint plugin version with IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate 2018.1.

I noticed that things that cause compilation errors are shown in red. I noticed that things that don’t cause compilation errors (e.g. an infinite loop) are also shown in red. Not realising that this was anything to do with SonarLint I reported this issue to IntelliJ. They said that only things that cause a compilation error should be shown in red and suggested that I disable the SonarLint plugin.

Please can we change the colour that SonarLint uses for serious errors that don’t cause a compilation error to something other than red.

Hi Stephen,

Thanks for the feedback. We are discussing this topic internally to see if it makes sense to change it and having feedback from users help us decide.

The good news is that you can already change it! Go to settings -> Editor -> SonarLint and configure the highlighting of blocker issues.

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To give an update, we will soon change the default highlighting to show blocker issues as warnings.

Here is the ticket: