Integration problem with GitLab

Hello everyone,
I you guys having a good time in christmas and new year.

I am new in DevOps and wanted to integrate my testing project on Dev environment using Sonarqube developer edition.
The problem I am facing is I made a testing project on Gitlab and Sonarqube by following the instruction by Sonarqube. CI/CD also valid but the error occurs that my login and pasword credentials not authorized although everytime I used my Gitlab to log in Sonarqube but I am confused which credentials I have to set in CI/CD , Variables. At the moment I am using my Gitlab credentials not every time error occurs. I am attaching screen shot as well.

Thank you


It looks like you’ve shared a screenshot of logs – and nobody in this Community likes to pretend they’re an optical character reader*. Can you please share the text of your logs?