Integration configurations to bitbucket fails

I cannot connect to bitbucket. I tried both server and cloud and it fails in both. I wonder if is because of the bitbucket version. I am using community edition 8.9.8.

Error when using the server option.

Error when using the cloud option

System information.

I can easily connect to Gitlab but not bitbucket. Is it something related to the Community edition? If bitbucket is not available in Community then why do you have it as an option?

Hey @Behdad_Kardgar,

Thanks a lot for reporting this: the fact that you see in Community Edition of SQ 8.9 the form to create a Bitbucket Cloud configuration is indeed a bug.

We have created a ticket to fix it (SONAR-16499). Please note that this bug ticket has been updated after clarification with the team around when these features where shipped, and for which editions.

The behaviour of the Bitbucket Server configuration is expected: you get an error because it’s not a valid BBS configuration, it is a BBC configuration.

In the meantime, if you’re looking for a workaround - SQ 9.5 Community Edition should do the trick. Also, on the workspace Id, you should only add the workspaceId from{workspaceId} and not the full URL

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Hi @Behdad_Kardgar,

On top of what @Belen_Pruvost already mentioned, I’d like to clarify that there is no available feature for you regarding Bitbucket Cloud in SonarQube 8.9 community edition.

Nonetheless, you could:

  • Benefit from Bitbucket Cloud PR decoration by using SonarQube 8.9 Developer edition and above
  • Benefit from Bitbucket Cloud project onboarding by using SonarQube 9.5 Community edition and above
  • Benefit from both by using SonarQube 9.5 Developer edition and above

I hope this clarifies a bit more.

Thanks for the report.


Hi Belen_Pruvost and Philippe_Perrin,

I installed the SonarQube 9.5 Community edition and it worked really smoothly. I have another question related to the CI which I think makes more sense to create a new topic. Thank you both for your help.

Best regards

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