Integrating Secure Data Access(SDA) to SonarQube CE

Hi All, I have successfully integrated Secure data access(SDA) which enable SSO to SonarQube CE, but I am not able to enable it from application side using sonar properties file. I will be using OIDC for authenticating. I need to provide the following data in properties file.


But I am not sure of the correct place to insert it, if anyone knows about it…kindly provide information. It will be a great help

Hey there.

The settings values provided by GitHub - vaulttec/sonar-auth-oidc: OpenID Connect (OIDC) Plugin for SonarQube are manipulated via the UI (or Web APIs in the api/settings domain of web services) and then stored in the database. They can’t be kept in your conf/ file – they simply aren’t read by SonarQube.e

And, once they’re set, you shouldn’t have to set them again!