Installing plugin issues for Sonarqube helm chart

I am having issues installing the azure active directory plugin in sonarqube, try to run logs on the
install-plugin container but there appears to be no logs in the directory. My persistence volume is enabled and I listed the path to the Jar files but when I check the marketplace and installed plugins my plugin doesn’t appear to be there. So I am wondering is there a step that I am missing or how can I get logs to know what going on with this container.

Here my current code, I put the jar file in blob storage, and pulling curl image from container registry in azure. Wondering i

Hi @mikeshasaco ,

I can’t speak directly to how to resolve the immediate issue with the sonar-auth-aad community plugin, but please consider that Azure AD can be configured directly with SonarQube without needing that plugin. See here: How to setup Azure AD