Installation of SonarLine Visual Studio Plugin is very slow

Please provide

  • Windows 10
  • VS 2022 17.9 Preview 1
  • Latest
  • C#

I’m currently trying to update the SonarLint VS Plugin but the installation seems to take around 20min.
I just wanted to confirm if this is the expected installation time since it seems too long to me.

It takes around the same time in VS2022 official version.

Is it working with many files? In our company we are having a lot of issues with CyberArk and Defender, so maybe its not a problem of the installation but a problem of our environment.

Hello @msedi.

It is indeed probable that the issue is caused by the amount of files in our installation. The installation process is fully handled by VisualStudio, so the only thing we could try reducing the amount of files in our VSIX. However, this is not possible as we need those files to run some of our analyzers.

We have some changes planned in the future that might reduce the number of files in the package ( which would reduce the installation time), but unfortunately, I can’t suggest any workarounds for you in the meantime.

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