Installation Location

Our team is trying to confirm the installation of Sonarlint on Win10 devices remotely. Is there a reg key or install location that I can see on their machine.

Hello @dmclaughlin

The installation process and location are entirely managed by VisualStudio, so there are, AFAIK, two options to solve your problem:

  • Search for SonarLint files in the common location for all VS extensions
  • Search for AppData\Roaming\SonarLint for Visual Studio for SonarLint 7.0+ which is used in Connected Mode

However, the folder location for Connected Mode settings is not part of our public contract and it can be changed at any released version in the future without notice.

It might also be the case for the first option. I am unaware of any public-facing APIs in VisualStudio for this specific problem.

Apologies for not being able to provide a good solution.