Initialize SonarQube Project (Enterprise version 7.9.4)


I am using version 7.9.4 of SonarQube. I created a new project. I have a couple of questions on initializing the new project:

We typically have teams setup a specific account to have permissions for running analyses. For an existing token, does a user need to be logged in with this specific account, or can they use the existing token with their login credentials? Is there a ‘preferred’ method?

Also, when initializing, it prompts for programming language, but noticed a question on OS being used. Is that based on the end user’s machine? I was a bit puzzled with this one.


Typically projects are scanned from CI system and it is a good practice to have a technical account which authenticates via a token to perform analyses.

The questions you saw when onboarding a new project about language and OS are used to determine the right scanner and provide you with the instructions and command that might be used to analyze a project. This information are not persisted in project configuration, they are purely to facilitate project onboarding.