Information about the collaboration between SonarCloud and Apache Software Foundation

I am a researcher at Tampere University (Finland) and we are conducting a study investigating if the development velocity is faster with projects using SonarCloud than with projects not using it. Specifically, we are investigating projects from the Apache Software Foundation (ASF).

We are aware that Sonar and ASF started collaboration around 2019-2020. We assume this means that the Apache projects with issues in Apache SonarCloud started using Sonar around that time. However, when looking online, were not able to find proper mentions about the collaboration.

Would anyone be able to share any information about the collaboration between ASF and Sonar? I would appreciate anything related to the topic: official statement, blog post, tweet, mention in one of ASF’s projects internal discussion etc. I am especially interested on a rough estimation for the date when the Sonarcloud for Apache was created or some other date when the Apache projects could have started to use Sonarcloud.

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Hello Nyyti,

SonarCloud has always been free to use for any open-source project. There is no need to have a partnership or a collaboration with us to sign up and start analyzing projects. This is why you will not find any official statement or blog post about the Apache Software Foundation using SonarCloud.

To your underlying question: it is very easy to know when an organization started using SonarCloud. You can look at its projects in SonarCloud and check the Activity tab, where you will find the approximate date of their first analysis.

Hope that helps