Inclusion of files based on their content

Hi, I would like to suggest a new feature to SonarQube

Our code base is an open source project. In our fork we add new files to it and make some changes on existing files. We would like to analyze only our new files or the files containing our changes with SonarQube. It would be great to have an option to define files to include (similar to “sonar.inclusions”) based on other criteria as filenames and paths. One possible solution would be define a filter based on file contents (e.g. searching for a copyright string).

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Hi Artjom,

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Could you explain how this would be different from PR analysis and/or the special focus with metrics and in the UI on New Code?

Is this about limiting the analysis time by restricting the file set?


Hi Ann,

we don’t use PRs in our workflow. We would like to run the analysis not only for recent changes, but for all changes we ever did. Restricting the file set being tested would speed up the analysis and provide us the metrics (e.g. test coverage) only related to files changed/added by us.


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