Ignoring @Generated-ish Annotations in: Narrowing the Focus

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Hi all,

in Narrowing the Focus - Ignore files based on content there is an Example for the @Generated - Annotation. (How to ignore sourcecode that contains the @Generated - Annotation)

Because the Example is so generic … i am hoping that someone might share her wisdom or might even be able to point me to something that lists such knowledge?

Are there any know sets of @Annotations that one might already find somewhere to use for different frameworks? Or do we all have to find out by ourselves which @Annotations are best suited to be marker for ignorance?

e.g.: When i think about code-generating frameworks like for example: mapstruct, modelmapper … Are there already known fitting marker-annotations that make it easy to configure the “ingorance-part”?

Like: "ahh, i know i am using framework-x to generate sourcecode by annotationprocessing, so for framework-x i can configure the ignorance of code which contains THESE marker-annotations x,y,z.


Hi Daniel,

We don’t have a hidden list we’re just not sharing with you. :joy:

The example is generic because it’s meant to be an illustration. The point is to find the pattern in your code that marks what should be ignored.


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:slight_smile: i know that, ann

My thought process was more like:

“wait, am i the first who is thinking about what might be helpful marker-annotations for ignore-worthy classes of best of breed frameworks” (like … if i already use a well known framework that generates code … can i maybe also configure well known markers to be ignored in analysis, too)

i think, in my OP i maybe did not find the right words to describe what i was looking for (e.g. the question was more targeted at the … “community” tiny.cough :innocent:)

I do not have high hopes for an answer, but at least i wanted to ask the question…

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