Ignore S100 rule for a particular Class Name

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I am using SonarQube 6.7.
IDE: Visual Studio 2017.
I am working on a .Net Core solution.
I have a class named ABCDContext. This is highlighted by SonarQube as a code smell. The suggested name is AbcdContext. I dont want sonarqube to highlight this code smell for this particular class ‘ABCDContext’. However, I do want this rule to highlight any other class names which violate the rule eg if I have another class EFGHContext, I want that to be highlighted by sonarqube as a code smell.

I tried looking online for a fix where I came across custom dictionaries.
It seems they only work for .Net Framework projects. So, i created a .Net framework project and added the word in the custom dictionary and pushed the code to sonarqube. However, it still highlights the rule. Does SonarQube support Custom Dictionaries?
Is there a way to ignore this rule S100 in a .Net Core project?

I found 1 post on GitHub for this:

Thanking You in Anticipation!

Hello, @muminquadri. We currently do not support this feature. FxCop has the feature, but not SonarCSharp. Ticket #320 you are referencing has been closed as Won't fix. It seems it is something that is needed by our community, so I will bring it into discussion.