Ignore concrete set of rules for certain block of codes / lines that match regex pattern

There are some rules that generate false positives for our own use cases although the one I have in mind should apply to a wider range of people. We mark these issues as “won’t fix” but they keep popping and I want a general solution that will automate this manual labor.
Hence the need to ignore some blocks of code for just a concrete rule. All other rules should still run for these blocks of code. I imagine this to be an addition to the already present feature of generally ignoring blocks of code that match certain patterns – besides the two inputs to match the beginning and end of a block of code, a new one can be added to list the rules to be ignored.
Alternatively, you can introduce a tool to build criteria to automatically resolve issues as “won’t fix”.

Our use case for this: the rule scanning for dereferencing null pointers in Java is based on the @Nullable annotation. However, then using the key holder interface to get the auto-generated, we are pretty sure it won’t return null as all tables have autogenerated key.


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I’m going to leave your larger topic for the Product Mangers to respond to. But on the question of your particular use case, is it truly a false positive? I.e. the issue should never be raised, for anyone? Or is this more of a “won’t fix” / false positive-in-your-particular-context? Because if it’s the former, I urge you to create a False Positive report with a reproducer.