I cannot find Rule reported by VS Code in SonarCloud quality profile

I am a SonarCloud paid user. In VS Code I am using SonarLint Extension in connected mode. The connection seems established, because I can see the project in the explorer.

I see the following error:

“Strings must use doublequote. sonarlint (typescript: S1441)”

I want to deactivate this rule. To achieve this, I am trying to find the rule using the query “doublequote”. However, I cannot find this rule.

My expectation is that I can find this rule so that I can deactivate it.


Welcome to the community!

Are you searching for the rule on the SonarLint side, or the SonarCloud side?


I am searching for the rule on the SonarCloud side. I am looking at the URL https://sonarcloud.io/organizations/mpom/rules?q=doublequote


Thanks for getting back to me. Since you have the rule key (S1441) it’ll be easiest to search by that. And I’ll ping the team about the underwhelming performance of the rule text search.


Hi again,

After looking back at this, I realized you’re searching by a string in the rule message. That’s part of the implementation & not part of the description, which is why your search isn’t turning this up. So a rule key search is definitely the way to go here.