I am using jdk 1.8 , jdk11 and jre1.8 while running sonarqube i am getting error as attached

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  • versions used (sonarqube-, sonar-scanner-, java)

  • pom.xml with


    junit junit 3.8.1 test org.sonarsource.scanner.maven sonar-maven-plugin org.jacoco jacoco-maven-plugin 0.8.1 org.codehaus.mojo sonar-maven-plugin 2.6 org.apache.maven.plugins maven-compiler-plugin 1.7 1.7 org.apache.maven.plugins maven-surefire-plugin
error i am getting ![jdk version|690x279](upload://4BADAvH4JuEd2CzOKv1wvHNThHq.jpeg) ![Sonar_java_error|690x367](upload://16Y1AYdyckl0uplcvpRVg9rJpTk.jpeg)

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Hi, looks like you tried to post screenshots but they didn’t get posted?