Huge slowdown on local import after upgrade from 8.9.5 to 9.9.1


I’m facing slowdown during local import after upgrading server from 8.9.5 to 9.9.1.

Java 17.0.7 Azul Systems, Inc. (64-bit)
sonar scanner
C++ (Community) (cxx)
Windows Server 2019 (Version 1809, OS Build 17763.3887)

On old LTS: Community - INFO: Sensor CXX [cxx] (done) | time=256122ms
On new LTS: Community - INFO: Sensor CXX [cxx] (done) | time=9602093ms

I’ve tried running profiler to see what part is causing this difference. It seems that it’s somehow related to filesystem operations during save step.
9.9.1 (not final result, I’ve stopped before end, but the trend is obvious):


Plugin is the same on both LTS versions.

Is there any difference in filesystem implementation between different server versions?

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