(Multiple Submodules with same name but different version give an error in while running sonar analysis)

(Rishab) #1
  • Sonar Used: SonarQube-7.6 , Scanner-2.4
  • Error faced: Two modules have the same id: 'co.cask.hydrator:kafka-plugins'. Each module must have a unique id.
  • Steps to recreate error
  1. Git Clone:
  2. Build Project: mvn clean install (In parent project directory)
  3. Run SonarQube: mvn sonar:sonar
  • potential workaround: Add property in Parent POM sonar.skip=true (Just to skip Sonar Tests- Not really a solution)
(G Ann Campbell) #2


I guess you’re asking for a different workaround?

You could edit the pom of one of the modules to configure a <property> that gave a different module id for the purposes of analysis.