How to use the sonarcloud free trial in the cloud environment

When using the free version it asks for approval from cloud admin team, why is this required. Are there any read write access required for sonarcloud in the azure cloud tenant. is the sonarcloud software get installed in our azure cloud tenant.

If there are two cloud tenant in our organization from which team the approval should be provided for using the free trial version.

Hey there.

To make sure I completely understand your question, can you share a screenshot where it indicates approval is required?

Attaching the screenshot


In this case, to create your user account, it must be able to read information from your tenant (like your name, and e-mail address). This is the information being requested.

Thanks Colin for the details, Please clarify on below points:
are there any sonarcloud software installation happens on the tenant ,
if yes , what are all the access like ( read , write ) that is required by the software on which objects in the tenant.

No. It’s just about granting permission to read user information from your tenant.

Hi Colin, Thanks for the clarification.
I will check with my team for using the sonarcloud trial version