How to use submit api(api/ce/submit) construct the request by myself

SonarQube Version 7.1

I want to construct the request (https://serverurl/api/ce/submit) to do some performance test for our project. the client is jenkins sonarquebe plugins,I have 2 questions:
1.api/ce/submit :the post http request have a paramter is ‘report’ ,but I don’t know how to write the parameter’s value(.e.g:report :xxx-sonar.json?or other method)
2.I want to find the file of the report in my computer (linux machine for jenkins slave) ,but I can’t find the path ,what is the report name?(I guess it like ‘xxx-sonar.json’)


Welcome to the community!

IIRC the report format is binary; you’re going to have a very hard time producing a report outside of analysis.

For an analysis-produced report, I’m not familiar with the details, but if I drill into the .sonar/scanner-report directory in the Jenkins workspace of a recent job, I find a number of files which probably comprise the zip that’s sent at the end of analysis.

Good luck!

Thank your very much!