How to upload YAMLLINT reports from Jenkins to SonarQube

Hi there,
I’ve a project containing YAML and Python files. Using yamllint I’ve generated reports for all YAML files only. How to upload the yamllint reports to SonarQube from my Jenkins job?.
I appreciate your help.


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There’s a community-supported YAML analyzer but a quick check indicates it doesn’t support YAMLLINT, so your best bet is to convert the report to the Generic Issues format and import it that way.


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Thanks G Ann.
In other project (YAML and Golang files) I used yamllint to generate reports, after converting them in checkstyle format I uploaded from a Jenkins using this parameter in sonar-scanner:


With that I have both reports (yaml and golang) in the SonarQube Dashboard.

But now I want to upload only yamllint reports and be able to see the reports in SonarQube Dashboard.

Any hint is welcome.


I only have the hint I’ve already given.


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