How to sepatate sonarqube ayalisis

As we know, after one sonar analysis for a project, all metrics will be provided, like bug, vulnerability, code smell, complexity, duplicated_lines_density, comment_lines_density, files, and so on. I divide all the metrics into two categories: “security metrics” which contains (bug, vulnerability, code smell) and the other “healthy metrics” contains (complexity, duplicated_lines_density, comment_lines_density, files) .
So my purpuse is clear: I need sonar analysis sepatate to two steps, one step only generate “security metrics” report, and the other step can generate “healthy metrics” report. Maybe someone will ask me why should I do so? For sometime, I will generate “security metrics” report frequently, but only generate “security metrics” report once. Another consideration is to reduce system load. Can sonarqube do this, or sonar-runner? Maybe there is a param to control which I don’t know. Who can help me, thank you in advance!


It’s really not possible – it’s all or nothing!


Thank you for you answer. Further question is, is it default behavior during one sonar analysis to generate complexity, duplicated_lines_density, comment_lines_density, files??


Yep! All the measures that SonarQube can collect, it will.