How to see SonarSwift (maintenance bugs/ code smell) warnings locally when developing?


We are using SwiftLint in Xcode, but the rules are different from the SonarSwift rules: Swift static code analysis
So we cannot get the errors/ warnings that Sonarcloud flagged until we trigger the scan (create a PR). But we want to be able to see those warnings during our development.
How could we make SonarSwift rules visible locally?
or how could we include the SonarSwift rules to SwiftLint?
Could you advise any solution please?
Thank you!

Hello @You-hsuan,

SwiftLint is not associated with the Sonar products, even though the names are confusingly similar (SonarLint ↔ SwitftLint).

We provide SonarLint as a plug-in only to JetBrains IDEs, Eclipse-based IDEs, Visual Studio Code, and Visual Studio.
Therefore there is currently not way to include the SonarSwift rules into SwiftLint (and therefore into XCode).


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