How to reduce the build-wrapper logfile size when compiling

I have a big project in AQ with C/C++ files and I have tried to use the Compilation Database method…it didn’t work well.
I went back to the build-wrapper method and that hit bulls eye.

There is one thing though that is a little pain to me - The build-wrapper logfile size…
The logfile is 200MB and the related json is 45MB

I ran the build-wrapper without any params except the build command and used build-wrapper out-of-the-box config.

This is build-wrapper from SQ_EE Version 8.9.8 (build 54436)

Is there a way I can reduce the logging level of build-wrapper so the logfile only takes the more severe items ?

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Hi @jancj,

what is the problem you are facing here? You don’t need to persist the build-wrapper files after the analysis, they can be discarded.

Thank you for your reply
I know I can ditch the logfile, and that is what I do.
Some other tools has a verbose option or a logging-level option to control the logfile size, and I was on the lookout if a similar option existed for build-wrapper

Hi @jancj ,

can I ask why you are interested to reduce the size of the log file?

I was surprised to see the logfile was about 4-5 times bigger than the json file.
So I opened the logfile and saw a lot of entries which I think did not make much sense to a successful wrap of a build.

So I was interested in knowing if there was some kind of

  • build-wrapper -v build-command for the big logfile we have today
  • build-wrapper build-command for a shorter log where we mainly see which files are handled in the wrapping process and the final result code.

Nothing blocking, just curious

Hi @jancj ,

here you are kind of suggesting a solution for a problem that I am not sure I understand.

What is the concern about the size of the log file? The normal use case is to wrap CI builds with the build-wrapper, and at the end of the CI job the machine/container is discarded.

I would like to understand if there is a justified need behind your suggestion.

Hi @mpaladin

I have no justified need for any logging level options.
As you write…we discard it all at the end.

I was just curious if there was such an option.

Best regards

Hi @jancj ,

ok, thank you for the clarification.