How to only upload the results of an analysis?


(Mildis) #1


One of our SQ instance is behind a NGINX reverse-proxy.
Analysis are getting bigger and bigger and sometime size goes beyond the client_max_body_size limit.

For long-run analysis, is there a way to directly upload the results without going to the whole analysis process ?

Is there a magic curl line to do this ?


(G Ann Campbell) #2


It’s not clear what you want to achieve here. I guess maybe after an upload failure you want to re-submit the analysis report? And if so, wouldn’t it just run right back into the same limitations as before?


(Mildis) #3

Sorry, I’ve omitted key informations.
Yes I want to re-submit analysis report after an upload failure.
Of course, after having corrected the issue and having rose the body size limit.

There are in fact two questions :

  • should a complete analysis must be run for this ?
  • if not, what could be the curl syntaxe to do the upload ?

(G Ann Campbell) #4


I could argue this either way, but since you’re not planning to incorporate an automatic retry into your CI pipeline, then what you want to look at is the internal (meaning it could be changed or snatched away at any time, and you use it completely at your own risk!!) web service api/ce/submit. You’ll find a link to your on-board web services documentation in your SonarQube footer.