How to migrate sonarqube (Developer Edition) from one platform to another (Openshift to AKS)

Hi Team,

SQ Version : Sonarqube Developer Edition 8.9.6 (build 50800)
Migration Details : form openshift cluster to AKS cluster

We are having some confusion regarding the sonarqube migration, So we thought we can just take a better advice from this community and proceed further. Below are my queries. Could you please take a look on it and provide your advice ?

  • If we provision a new Sonarqube developer edition in AKS cluster, then is it possible to reuse the current license for the new one ?

  • if not, then what is the better way to migrate the currenr sonarqube server (pod) to AKS cluster ?

  • We also want to know what all are the data that we need to copy to new server when we start the migration.

Kindly review and advice.

Johnson Varghese

Hi Johnson,

Welcome to the community!

Basically, you’ll copy the configuration in $SONARQUBE-HOME/conf/ into the same file in the new instance and you should be good. Since you’re pointing both instances at the same database (not at the same time tho!) your license should continue to work.