How to make sure that im analyzing some kind of file

Hello there, I’m analyzing a project with my new custom rule plugin. Let me give some informations to explain what exactly i need.

I created a plugin capable of read any kind of file, and now I’m trying to analyze yaml files. And i need to try if it works in any kind of project, but for that i need to make sure that the .yaml files are indexed. For this, I’m trying to use sonar parameters in the, how you can see below :


But when i run it with sonar-scanner, i get this message :

Anyone know what to set in the parameters to make sure that all yaml files will be read?


Since you’re creating an analyzer for any file, then I guess you don’t declare a language and claim file extensions? I wouldn’t expect an exception for this, but I wonder if you have any language in your instance that has declared / claimed .yaml files? If not, then they won’t be indexed and thus not available to analysis, even if you do list them as “included”.

Does this make sense?


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Hello G Ann, thanks for your replying. Look, the plugin i am building is mainly for java, but i have two aditional sensors that helps me read xml and yml files. So its not focused on read just the yml files. Yml files are just a “plus”. And now i’m trying to read projects in another languages than java. So I am testing my rule for java plugin, which can read yml too, in a ruby project(but it could be in any other language). The thing I want to do is analyze every single .yml in all the repository, it doesn’t matter if it is inside a folder or in the root folder, thats why i tried “sonar.sources=**/*.yaml”. Is there a way to add all yaml files of the project?

Just to add more information, it works when i use :


Because inside this folder there are only yaml files. And it works, like you can see below :

But when i use :


I get the error described in the image of the first post.

It show to me that is possible to read yaml files and analyse them to create a violation in SonarQue, but, is there a way to set “all yaml files” instead of analyze just one specific folder? I am asking this beacuase i have many yaml files in different directories and we have many projects on the company, so I can’t ask/trust for everyone to put all yaml in one specific folder(and we have all the organization files problems too).

One more time, thanks for your time, i really appreciate you G Ann and all SonarSource, you helped me a lot with this forum and with this amazing technology!

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First, thanks for the kind words! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Okay, so .yaml files are being indexed in the analysis. No need to explicitly include them.

Well that’s because sonar.sources is expecting a comma-delimited list of paths, not a pattern. :smiley:

All the YAML files in the project will be picked up automatically. Your only challenge is to filter them from the rest of the project files. Unfortunately, I’m afraid I don’t have the background to help on that. If you want to pursue it, you probably need to post a second topic focused precisely on that queston.


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Thanks a lot G Ann. I will try to change my environment too, i noticed that some files were unrecheable to windows(don’t know why) and try my analysis again. Thanks a lot for the explanation about sources expectations.

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It was really an environment problem, everything went right now. I could analyze my ruby project and all yaml files in the repository.

Ruby project :

Ruby rules and Yaml Rules together :

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